We are a physical course booking platform where we connect private teachers, trainers and tutors who teach job related skills like Python programming, Php, Java, JavaScript seo, marketing, Business Analyst skills, Digital Marketing to students, job seekers and anyone looking to learn job related skills at physical locations near them.


As a platform that connects students with teachers. Our private teachers, tutors and trainers prepare learners towards other certification exams or teach job related skills to enable learners get new jobs or excel in their current jobs.

What we do

We connect private teachers or private tutors or private trainers with groups of students looking to learn various courses at physical locations near them. The groups are between 3 groups or 20 groups and above.

Class Durations and Flexibility.

One of our core goals is to offer people flexibility to allow part time or full time learning at physical onsite locations. Classes taught by our private teachers are scheduled with students in mind. Some are twice weekly and or daily, the trainer determines the duration of the classes.

About Us

We have designed Teachera.org for teachers, trainers, tutors and coaches to create classes or courses, calcuate how much they want to earn and when they want to offer their teaching services. Our team based currently in London comprises of people who believe in flexible and affordable learning for everyone in need and at physical locations near them.

Example of Technical Classes To Teach

Technical classes on Python Programming language, HTML5 /CSS3 , Php, Java, Ruby, C++ , C# .

Examples of Non Technical Classes

You can teach Business Marketing, Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization and anything that can be taught to a group of 3 to 20 people at once.

Professional Business Classes

Management skills, Marketing management, Company finance, Managing Growth, Fundamentals of Marketing, Sales management, Public Relations, Creative Advertising, Digital Marketing, Change management, HR management, Strategic Management, Project Management.

Teaching Any Classes?

We are interested to hear from you if you are looking to teach jobs related skillsplease click here to join.

Contact Us

Reach us by sending an email to info@teachera.org or on phone +447548129001