We connect anyone with salsa classes group classes taught by private teachers in in Barcelona. Learn anything — guitar, programming, seo, marketing, mathematics and many more at an affordable rate.


As a platform that connects students with teachers. Our private teachers and tutors will prepare you towards other certification exams that you need.

What we do

We connect everyone with private group classes on salsa classes in in Barcelona. Class groups are between 3 groups or 5 groups and above depending on how many students the teacher can handle.

Class Durations and Flexibility.

One of our core goals is to offer people flexibility to allow part time or full time learning. Classes taught by our private teachers are scheduled with you in mind. Some are twice weekly and or daily.

About Us

We have designed Teachera.org for students to have flexible and inexpensive private group classes on anything. Our team based currently in Barcelona comprises of people who believe in flexible, affordable private classes to salsa classes in in Barcelona.

Technical Classes

Technical classes on Python Programming language, HTML5 /CSS3 , Php, Java, Ruby, C++ , C# .

Professional Business Classes

Management skills, Marketing management, Company finance, Managing Growth, Fundamentals of Marketing, Sales management, Public Relations, Creative Advertising, Digital Marketing, Change management, HR management, Strategic Management, Project Management.

Teaching salsa classes in in Barcelona?

We are interested to hear from you if you are looking to teach salsa classes in in Barcelona please here. Please ensure that you tick to indicate that you are a coach. A teacher is a coach!

Contact Us

Reach us by sending an email to info@teachera.org or on phone +34 607 660 196 (English). In Spanish +34 618 25 01 32