We are a physical course booking platform where we connect private teachers, trainers and tutors who teach job related skills like Python programming, Php, Java, JavaScript seo, marketing, Business Analyst skills, Digital Marketing to students, job seekers and anyone looking to learn job related skills at physical locations near them.

Our Goals

We want to help people to learn project management in osogbo affodably and be able to get jobs because of the skills they have learned. We also want to help people with skills to be able to teach full time or part time at physical class locations. As a freelance teacher we hope you share our goals and you will help prepare learners towards other certification exams or teach project management in osogbo skills to enable learners get new project management in osogbo jobs or excel in their current jobs while also earning money from doing so.

What we do

We connect private teachers or private tutors or private trainers with groups of students looking to learn various courses at physical locations near them. The groups are between 3 groups or 20 groups and above.

Class Durations and Flexibility.

We want to offer people flexibility to allow part time or full time learning project management in osogbo at physical onsite locations. project management in osogbo classes taught by our private teachers are scheduled with students in mind. Some are twice weekly and or daily, as a trainer you determine the duration of project management in osogbo classes.

About Us

We have designed Teachera.org for teachers, trainers, tutors and coaches to create project management in osogbo classes or courses and also calcuate how much they want to earn and when they want to offer their project management in osogbo teaching services. We find students looking to learn project management in osogbo. Our team based currently in London and comprises of people who believe in flexible and affordable learning for everyone in need and at physical locations near them.

Course Outline & Materials

We recommend that the teachers teaching project management in osogbo create materials using readily available and open source materials from the web. Also students learning project management in osogbo should be sent a soft copy of the material at least 4 hours before the class is about to start and the students should not be charged for any materials or handouts used in the classes. Where possible we have collated some course materials and will provide them to teachers upon request.

Venue for classes on project management in osogbo

We are working with several partners to ensure that you have venues anywhere to be able to offer your teach project management in osogbo. In Nigeria, our platform of choice for this is Venue Hero . For classes in the UK use Hire Space or Tag Venue. We are working with to ensure a deeper intergration between venues and our platform. If you need help in finding a venue to teach project management in osogbo please contact us and we will sort this out for you. When creating the course, endeavor to complete the field for the cost of the venue, we will pay this ourselves to the venue owner before the start of the class.

Rates and Remuneration

We have made provision for teachers teaching project management in osogbo to provide their cost per hour for the project management in osogbo class. This way you get a fixed fee based on the total number of hours you have taught project management in osogbo. Your payment is made after 3 to 5 working days once we reconcile the payments with our bank.

Teaching Any Classes?

We are interested to hear from you if you are looking to teach jobs related skillsplease click here to join.

Or reach us by sending an email to info@teachera.org or on phone +447548129001 (UK), +2348064806168 (Nigeria)