Certificate course in Introduction to Python Programming

16-10-2017    18-10-2017

09:00    17:00

35 D line Ewet Housing Estate, Uyo,Nigeria

Course Description

This course introduces computer programming using the Python programming language. Emphasis is placed on procedural programming, algorithm design, and language constructs common to most high-level languages. A brief introduction to Python classes and object-oriented design is included. Upon completion, students should be able to design, code, test, and debug Python language programs. Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to: Describe the major components of computer architecture Analyze and demonstrate conversion of data encoding techniques Explain the concept of data storage and named memory locations. Apply decision and repetition structures in program design. Implement methods and functions to improve readability of programs Demonstrate the use of Python lists and dictionaries Describe and apply object-oriented programming methodology. Apply top-down concepts in algorithm design. Write Python programs to illustrate concise and efficient algorithms

Prerequisites and Requirements

Participants should have their own labtops. Anyone can attend this class without prior knowledge about programming.

Course Modules or Learning Program or Learning Structure:

  • Introduction
  • Data Types
  • Decision Structures
  • Strings and text files
  • Lists, tuples, and dictionaries
  • Functions
  • Classes & Object Oriented Programming with Python


    You will learn about modern computer systems, software and operating system; installing Python; basic syntax, interactive shell, editing, saving, and running a script.

    Data Types

    You will learn the concept of data types; variables, assignments; immutable variables; numerical types; arithmetic operators and expressions; comments in the program; understanding error messages;

    Decision Structures

    You will learn about conditions, boolean logic, logical operators; ranges; Control statements: if-else, loops (for, while); short-circuit (lazy) evaluation.

    Strings and text files

    You will learn about strings and text files; manipulating files and directories, os and sys modules; text files: reading/writing text and numbers from/to a file; creating and reading a formatted file (csv or tab-separated). String manipulations: subscript operator, indexing, slicing a string; strings and number system: converting strings to numbers and vice versa. Binary, octal, hexadecimal numbers.

    Lists, tuples, and dictionaries

    You will learn about lists, tuples, and dictionaries; basic list operators, replacing, inserting, removing an element; searching and sorting lists; dictionary literals, adding and removing keys, accessing and replacing values; traversing dictionaries


    You’ll be introduced to functions, how to design custom functions , local variables, scope of variables, passing arguments to functions, and returning values, global variables, global constants and libraries.

    Classes & Object Oriented Programming with Python

    Classes and OOP: classes, objects, attributes and methods; defining classes; design with classes, data modeling; persistent storage of objects

# Cert. Level Description Qualifications
1 Level 1 Introduction to Python Programming graduates at this level will have knowledge and skills for initial work, community involvement and/or further learning. Certificate I