Certificate course in Business Analyst Beginner Training Course

25-09-2017    26-09-2017

10:00    14:00

57 Elgin Ave, London,United Kingdom

Course Description

A business analyst earns from 30,000 £ to 55,000£ or higher here in the UK as a permanent employee and can earn from 100£ a day to 500£ a day as a contractor. If you are looking to boost your earnings or if you are looking to grow in your professional career then this course is for you.

Prerequisites and Requirements

There are no pre-requisites for this course, anyone who can speak and write in the English language can take this course. If you love computers or if you love businesses or love solving problems this can be the perfect career path and course for you. We do advise that you bring your own laptop to this course since they are practical aspects that you'll need to do yourself.

Course Modules or Learning Program or Learning Structure:

  • Introduction to Business Analysis
  • Software Development Lifecycle
  • Projects
  • Business Requirements
  • Requirement Elicitation

    Introduction to Business Analysis

    In this module, you will learn and understand the following: Business analyst roles Examples of such roles & tasks.

    Software Development Lifecycle

    In this module, we will talk about the different software development lifecycles and the role of a business analyst in each of the software development lifecycle.


    In this module, you'll understand the basics of project management and typical responsibilities of a business analyst. You'll learn the following: Business case creation Business Scope Stakeholders( RACI Matrix) We will create a live business case together.

    Business Requirements

    In this module, you will learn about the different types of business requirements. You will also learn how these requirements are used in an Enterprise Architecture context. You'll learn about SMART requirements. At the end, you will create requirements for the earlier initiated project.

    Requirement Elicitation

    This module will teach you this very important skill of requirement elicitation. The following elicitation techniques will be discussed and conducted live. Introduction to Requirement Elicitation Elicitation Technique: Brainstorming Elicitation Technique: Requirement Workshops Elicitation Technique: Interviewing Elicitation Technique: Surveys Elicitation Technique: Documentation Review Elicitation Technique: Analyzing Interfaces

# Cert. Level Description Qualifications
1 Level 1 Business Analyst Beginner Training Course graduates at this level will have knowledge and skills for initial work, community involvement and/or further learning. Certificate I