Certificate course in Introduction to SQL

18-10-2017    19-10-2017

10:00    17:00

164 Ikot Ekpene Road, Uyo (Unity Bank Premises) , Uyo,Nigeria

Course Description

Prerequisites and Requirements

You don’t need any prior knowledge of SQL or programming to attend this class. You will need a laptop of your own for this class. You also need to download and print the training materials provided and come with it to the class.

Course Modules or Learning Program or Learning Structure:

  • Database Tables
  • Columns and Data Types
  • Data Modeling
  • Tables, Columns and Modeling Review.
  • Select and Where Statements
  • Joins
  • Aggregates and Group By
  • Select, Joins and Grouping Review
  • Insert and Commit, Update and Transactions, Delete and Truncate
  • Course Review and final project.

    Database Tables

    In this class, you’ll get an introduction to the types of table available in Oracle Database and their uses. We will be using Oracle DB for this course.

    Columns and Data Types

    When creating columns you need to choose a data type for them. This class gives a rundown of the common data types and their uses.

    Data Modeling

    Deciding where to store what is one of the fundamental decisions you make when building a database. This class gives an overview of the things you need to consider when designing your tables.

    Tables, Columns and Modeling Review.

    A chance to catch up on the material from module 1-3

    Select and Where Statements

    A select statement returns you rows from your database. This class covers how to use this and filter the data with a where clause.


    When fetching data, often you want to get related rows from two (or more) tables. To do that, you need a join. This class covers the join types in SQL Databases.

    Aggregates and Group By

    This class covers how you can summarize your data using aggregate functions and group by.

    Select, Joins and Grouping Review

    A chance to recap and catch up on the past three weeks covering select, joins and group by.

    Insert and Commit, Update and Transactions, Delete and Truncate

    Course Review and final project.

    You'll create a final project which serves as your portfolio to show to potential employers.

# Cert. Level Description Qualifications
1 Level 1 Introduction to SQL graduates at this level will have knowledge and skills for initial work, community involvement and/or further learning. Certificate I